First Friday Events

Free nibbles, art + bev June 3rd, from 6 to 8 PM

We’re kicking off summer right with this complimentary First Friday event featuring Burnside Brewing and artwork from local artist, Wilder Schmaltz. Wilder is a native Oregonian, born in Portland, and his work often portrays anonymous people from earlier decades. Outdated notions of mutable concepts are a focus in his work such as clean living, delinquent or dangerous behavior, good citizenship and masculinity/femininity.

“Beginning a new ‘black drawing’ involves much exploration. Starting with a void-like surface, I take on the task to tease out elements; it feels at times less like drawing or painting than holding a light to my subjects, already in there somewhere, and bringing them out of the dark,” explains Schmaltz. Wilder holds a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art and is co-founder of Flight 64 Press, a nonprofit printmaking studio. His illustrations have appeared in places like Grantland Quarterly, The Portland Mercury, on bottles of liquor and the front of books and albums.

For those 21+, complimentary beverages will be poured by guest artisan, Burnside Brewing. Focusing on easy to drink beers that accompany and enhance the culinary experience, the brewery attempts to leave a creative impression on your taste buds as bold and exciting as Portland itself. In the kitchen, they extend this alchemist approach to their food using locally sourced and handcrafted ingredients prepared fresh daily.

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