Providing a unique and constantly evolving experience, this newly remodeled lobby is a completely custom designed 700 square foot gallery space that opened in February of 2012. The design incorporated wood and metal elements already existing on the property, pulling through a Pacific Northwest aesthetic while creating a minimalist feel that highlights the artwork.

The lobby within the gallery exposes all guests to emerging artists and encourages emerging collectors. Acting as a community incubator and featuring art installations, openings are on the first Friday of every month. Hotel guests, tourists and locals alike are welcome to tour the gallery 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Why is the Jupiter opening a gallery?

We have always had a close connection with the art community in Portland.  Our opening event in 2004 was the Affair @ the Jupiter that set the standard for art fairs in hotels for several years.  Galleries from around the United States and Canada came on property for a weekend and transformed individual guest rooms into galleries exposing 3000 Portlanders to contemporary art.  The Affair occurred for four consecutive years.  The Jupiter has always supported the arts community with special rates for bands and traveling artists, dancers, performers of all kinds and film makers.

The Jupiter is continually evolving and looking for new ways to offer a unique urban hospitality experience.  Through a series of happy coincidences a retail space became available, the co-owner of the hotel, Kelsey Bunker, returned from an arts sabbatical in Paris and had many pieces to show.  It seemed like an obvious decision to transform the space into a temporary gallery.  The show was well received by the community, over half the works were sold, guests loved wandering through the gallery and we began to think of the possibilities of making the gallery permanent.

What made you decide to put the reception in the gallery?

There are several reasons.  First our guests loved walking through the space and we thought we could offer that experience to everyone.  Secondly we are going to focus the art on emerging artists.  There are very few places for emerging artists to exhibit their works other than coffee shops and street fairs.  By combining the front desk with the gallery, someone is always available to talk about the art and we are not paying additional rent for the space so art can be more affordable for collectors and emerging collectors.  Bringing more beauty to the Jupiter and Portland has always been a personal goal and the gallery is a way of being an incubator for emerging artists and those that support them.

Will it be a “real” gallery?

Yes, we have hired Francois Pascal to curate the monthly exhibits.  Francois was trained at the Beaux Arts in France and has shown his work in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Scottsdale, Arizona and Seattle, Washington and numerous galleries in France. He has lived his life as an artist and sees the world from the point of view of beauty. We are relying on his highly trained eye to bring interesting and challenging exhibits to the new gallery.

When is the gallery opening?

We are completely renovating the space and the first show will be in February 2012.

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