First Friday Events


Why You Should Go

The Jupiter Hotel team is excited to host Brewvana Brewery Tours – they’ll be setting up shop right outside our gallery for First Friday on August 7th, from 6 to 8 PM!  Artwork from local artist, Edith Casterline will featured, and free treats from Pacific Pie Companyl. Edith Casterline’s work primarily depicts imaginary life forms: plants and creatures that populate a possible future, neither utopian nor dystopian, showing beauty while hinting at the opposite possibility. The life forms are the result of an altered environment, whether intentional or not: mutant/bio-robotic/engineered. Many of the pieces incorporate mazes, tangles or other visual pathways to engage the brain and help the viewer get lost in the art.

For those 21+, complimentary samples of Widmer Brothers beer will be available on the Brewvana Brewery Tours bus. Find them parked right on our driveway during this exclusive First Friday event! Brewvana provides The Ultimate Craft Beer Tour Experience in Portland, OR. Their all-inclusive tours offer a fun, informative way to visit multiple locations in one day and be treated as a VIP, with your tour guide taking care of you every step of the way. For First Friday, the bus doors will be open for business. Climb aboard, learn about their public (and completely customizable private tours!), and try some locally made craft beer!

Light appetizers will be provided by Pacific Pie Company. Using fresh, local ingredients and only humanely raised free range and grass fed meats, Pacific Pie believes an artisan in any industry strives to learn more about their craft and where their food comes from, while always trying to achieve a better product and more flavor.

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Insider’s Secret

The Jupiter Hotel has been an incubator for small businesses and a supporter of the arts.  Our newest venture is the First Friday Artisan Series where we expand the concept of art into an exploration of all of the senses: visual, taste, touch, smell and sound.  The First Friday event is an opportunity to treat yourself to a variety of sensory stimulation and support the local artisans that make Portland a unique and wonderful place to live.

Read our full post about Brewvana Bus Tours here.

And our new story about Pacific Pie Company is here.

Your Wallet Says

FREE! The First Friday Artisan Series is completely free to attend. Enjoy the artwork, meet the artists, taste and nibble to your heart’s content. Open to the Portland community and Jupiter Hotel guests alike.

I Need Directions…

800 E. Burnside Street, Portland OR 97214

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