First Friday Events


First Friday Winter Bash at the Jupiter Hotel

Free to all! Featuring Pacific Pie Co. & Broth Bar.

Why You Should Go

Gallery @ the Jupiter Hotel is proud to present “As Above, So Below” from November 25, 2015, to January 28, 2016. The First Friday Eastside artist opening reception will be held on Friday, December 4th, from 6 to 8 p.m.

The Jupiter Hotel has been an incubator for small businesses and a supporter of the arts. Their newest venture is the First Friday Artisan Series where they expand the concept of art into an exploration of all of the senses: visual, taste, touch, smell and sound. The First Friday event is an opportunity to treat attendees to a variety of sensory stimulation and support the local artisans that make Portland a unique and wonderful place to live.


Floral/Raccoon“, by Jason Borders


Light appetizers will be provided by Pacific Pie Company and Broth Bar. Broth Bar, founded by Tressa Yellig and sister Katie Yellig, is Portland’s first dedicated bone broth café.  Inspired initially by her German grandmother’s traditional approach to cooking, and a passion for the healing effects of food, Tressa Yellig has spent the last six years building a community around nourishing foods through her retail shop, product line and community supported kitchen, Salt, Fire and Time.  Bone broth is considered an old world healing remedy. What makes Broth Bar’s bone broth stand above the rest is that Yellig sources bones directly from farmers and ranchers in the Pacific Northwest who raise their animals on pasture, grass-fed and grass-finished (and hormone, antibiotic and GMO-free). Broth Bar is also the retail shop for Salt, Fire and Time’s line of jarred bone broths, coconut yoghurt, packaged jerkies and other nourishing foods.


I Need Directions…

800 E. Burnside Street, Portland OR 97214

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